Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Bold Beginning

I am your average twenty something guy from Melbourne, Australia and I am about to make the biggest move of my life...!

After a cultural awakening in Malaysia, a jaunty saunter through European winter and a sun soaked Pacific island getaway... I have realised that my one true, everlasting passion in life (besides family, friends and lovers) is travel...

The epiphany came when I returned from Europe a mopey mess. I missed the sights, the sounds, the smells (most of them anyway) and above, all the impossibly unique sensation of euphoria and wonderment that only comes from being thrust face first into a whole new culture.

To be completely honest, I never knew something as simple (and cliche) as a sunset could look so different around the world.

The sun setting over Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh (funnily enough), The sun setting over the French Alps in Chamonix, the sun setting over Vittoriano in Rome.

Why pay two thousand bucks a pop to visit the northern hemisphere for a maximum of four weeks a year? Why struggle all year till my next hit? Why not just move there?

So I am...

What follows is the possibly naive, all together nonsensical and definitely unnecessary blogging of a boy addicted to the world.

Enjoy... I dare you...