Sunday, 3 June 2012

It's harder than you think to stop living in the past

Okay so maybe I am still caught up in the holidays of yesteryear... But why shouldn't I be? People reminisce about their first kiss, their favorite pet, a great Simpsons quite or a lame Internet meme all the time and with furor. Indulge me a moment longer in my flashbacks as I talk about the people that made those trips special.

Kate enjoying a cocktail in the pool, Christine, Janet and Michelle striking a pose on the grand cruise liner staircase, Ross and Jade enjoying the English winter.

Kate. Intelligent, British, hilarious, strong willed and classy.
After coincidentally having three out of four classes together during my Uni years we decided it was fate. Our friendship blossomed over gossip, procrastination sessions, copious amounts of junk food and the Malaysian island of Lankawi. Kate is the type of friend who I might not see for years and then when we do meet it is like we have never been apart.

Jade. Quick witted, hilarious, romantic, honest and a massive bookworm
Jade and I met at the debilitating din that was my employment at a certain (unnamed) cinema chain. Form our first "date" seeing Memoirs of a Geisha together, we steadily became good friends until we decided that we should travel together for 2 months... Worrying at first (considering our stubborn attitudes and Jade's dislike of positivity) but we are better friends for it (best friends even) ... And better people too.

Ross. Lovable, kind, tall, informative and protective
What can I say about Ross... We have been together for almost Three years and he is definitely one of my rocks in the turbulent ocean that is life... That is, of course, when he isn't being the turbulent ocean.

Michelle. Bubbly, genuine, happy, positive and ambitious
I Have known Michelle for over twelve years now I can safely say she is one of my Best friends. We trudged our way through high school together, worked together, went to Uni together and traveled the high seas together (It seems she's a keeper). I can always count on michelle for honesty (generally quite bluntly) and a chipper outlook on life.

Janet. Sensible, sorted, intellectual, confident and witty
Being Michelle's sister has meant that Janet has seen me grow from an awkward teen to an awkward adult. Always handy with a fiery comeback, Janet is a strong, independent woman and we have a shared passion for fitness and money (although she is much better at making, spending and saving hers than I am).

Christine. Quotable, easy going, fiery, giggly and definitely marriage material
I found a great friend in Christine as we paired up on our Pacific cruise. Christine and I shared many beautiful moments together as husband and wife. Romantic mud baths, exhilarating speed boat rides, shell collecting on the beach, ice-cream in the sun, duty free shopping and many (many) sophisticated cocktails.

These amazing people have shared their traveling experiences with me and I am forever grateful for it. I often look back at holiday happy snaps and vacation videos and I suddenly find myself full of joy. Our shared experiences are some of the happiest moments of my life. My friends. My family. My fellow journeymen.

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